Meet the CEO

Matt Morris entered the bicycle industry with a childhood dream, a love for fixing bicycles and the devotion to satisfying customers.

Matt learned how to fix bicycles through hands on teaching at a young age. This blossomed into his first bicycle shop in Middlebury CT in 2007. Threw the next 6 years he learned how to run a streamlined and efficient bicycle shop. Keeping up with the latest in technologies and repair and service techniques and tooling.

In 2013 Matt closed Bicycle Works to open Bikes 2 You. After running his own Bikes 2 You for 5 years Matt took the leap of franchising the Bikes 2 You model.

When you go into a bicycle shop you may notice a few things, the bikes the shop offers, the friendliness of the employees assisting you, the cleanliness of the shop and the work area, among other things.

Most people that bicycles shops are based for one type of customer, may it be mountain biker, elite and enthusiast road cyclists or family and recreational riders. The customers patronizing this store generally fit into the classification of what the shop is primarily selling.

Matt made sure that this stigma would come to an end with his Bikes 2 You business…and it has! By working at an individuals home they do not feel outcast or uncomfortable because his Bikes 2 You business can truly serve and fulfill all demographics of customers needs.

Matt used his experience to bring the service to an open line of dialog with the person who is actually servicing or repairing your bicycle. You never have a sales person explaining the findings of your service or the parts needed to repair your bicycle. The mechanic fixing your bike is also the one explaining the needed parts or additional services.

Matt is a not a millionaire and has built his way through the bicycle industry with hard work, devotion and support from family, friends and customers. Using techniques from other industries that are not typically used in the bicycle industry. Matt learned his customer service from working in retail and retail management for over 15 years and through being a Director of Guest Services in the winter sports industry.

Learning, not just customers and the issues they have had, but also through working with employees and hearing ideas that are completely outside the box and unconventional. Outside the box thinking allows us to foresee issues before they happen but also allows us to turn an upset customer into a lifelong customer.

Learning from mistakes is what makes Bikes 2 You so well received and successful. Everyone makes mistakes, and people understand that, it how you fix your mistakes that makes the difference.

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