About us

Established in 2013, Bikes 2 You, was formed to fill a void in the bicycle industry. Making people come into a store and leave their bikes for weeks on end was, just simply, unacceptable!

So now, you don’t have to leave your home and lug your bikes to your local shop.  Just schedule an appointment on line for a time that works best for you and we will bring the shop to you.

At Bikes 2 You, we specialize in bringing the bicycle repair and sales process “to your door rather than to the store.”  We want to be easy for you to use, to maximize your time on your bicycle.

About the Industry

The mobile bicycle repair industry has been around since the later 1980’s early 1990’s, but has become more sustainable for a profession with the time crunch that people have in today’s lives. In 2015 National Bicycle Dealers Association stated that “Mobile bike shops are an important trend to watch.

Bikes 2 You is the third mobile bicycle repair service to offer franchises, but it was the first out of the three to start in business and the only of the three to have a CEO who operated a mobile bicycle service. Beeline Bikes started servicing the San Francisco area in 2014 and VeloFix started servicing the Vancouver market in 2013. Franchise opportunities are proving the validity of the mobile bicycle concept and business plan.  They also help cut down on the largest struggles of operating a mobile bicycle repair service.

Mobile bicycle shops focus on convenience above all else. With people being busier than ever and needing concierge type services so that they may be able to still partake in the activities that they enjoy, mobile shops fill the need so customers do not need to leave their bicycle at a store for a week or more during prime riding season. Some mobile bicycle services are branching out into other aspects of the cycling industry like fittings. Car rack and trainer sales and setup are another aspect of the industry that some mobile services are capitalizing on. These aspects are about saving the customer time and all of these services are very personal and take a great deal of time, both are luxuries that mobile services offer more effectively than traditional bicycle stores.

Meet the CEO

Matt Morris is the founder and CEO of Bikes 2 You Franchise Group.

Being an enthusiastic Cyclist, Bicycle Mechanic, Family Man and Previous Brick and Mortar Bicycle Shop Owner, makes him uniquely qualified to lead Bikes 2 You into a sustainable and growth oriented place in the franchise market.

Knowing what cycling enthusiasts and families both need, from over a decade of hands on experience, allows Bikes 2 You to be tailored to fit the needs of these to very different demographic, which traditional stores are not able to easily accomplish.