Bikes 2 You Franchise Group is looking for motivated, self driven individuals who are exciting about becoming their own boss in the mobile bicycle repair and sales industry!

When you choose to open a Bikes 2 You business you know that you are not going at it alone!

Getting to use the streamlined and adaptable business model of Bikes 2 You helps to ease the struggles of finding your best business practices and takes a huge weight off your shoulders by having the best business practices spelled out for you.

With Bikes 2 You, you will have the support of the Bikes 2 You Franchise Group, LLC to guide you through the opening of your Bikes 2 You business including; personal training with our CEO Matt Morris, training and operation manuals and guidelines, On-Site training and more!

Continued support throughout your owning a Bikes 2 You business with continued updates to our services and product offerings, phone support for when you have a technical or franchise questions and more!

Opening a Bikes 2 You business takes about 2 months from the time you receive the franchise agreement to the time you will be able to start servicing customers.

To operate and run a Bikes 2 You business you need to have either 3 consecutive years working in a bicycle repair/service shop or have graduated from Untied Bicycle Institute or Barnett’s Bicycle Institute with their “Professional” class.

A person can own a Bikes 2 You business as long as their head mechanic or business manager meets the previous requirements.

Yes. Each franchise is provided a protected area based on population and area, where you will be the only Bikes 2 You business operating in that area.

Bikes 2 You has the lowest initial investment of any mobile bicycle repair and sales franchise.

Making it extremely easy for any one with our required credentials to quickly and affordably open a Bikes 2 You business, with  minimal or no need to finance the startup of your Bikes 2 You.

Bikes 2 You also has the lowest continuing costs, i.e. royalties.

Not only will Bikes 2 You provide you with marketing materials for your bikes 2 you business, but we will also work with you!

Giving you up to three days of on-site marketing and startup help. Our CEO Matt Morris will come to your business and travel with you for up to three days demonstrating and helping you learn the methods that he has developed to help you establish an individual and business customer base.

While owning your Bikes 2 You business you will receive continued support for all aspects of your business.  We will help you deal with the “bumps in the road” of starting any business, one at a time.

Whether you have a business related question regarding marketing or bookkeeping or if you have a technical question about fixing something you have never come across before. We will help you through it in an easy and quick way.


Contact us to get more information on starting your own Bikes 2 You business in your area.


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